Set up ownCloud

Create and use your own cloud environment. Install and configure ownCloud X Server for set up. Use ownCloud Desktop Client for usage.

ownCloud X Server Installation

  1. Go to the ownCloud installation page.

  2. Sign up and download the ownCloud OVA file.

  3. Open Oracle VM VirtualBox and navigate to File > Import Appliance.

  4. Browse and select the downloaded OVA file.

  5. (Optional) Modify the default settings.

  6. Accept the software license and click Import.

ownCloud X Server Configuration

  1. Open Oracle VM VirtualBox and start the ownCloud installed appliance.

    Tip: Server boot might take up to five seconds.

  2. Select your desired language.

  3. Configure timezone, system locale, and keyboard layout.

    Tip: To configure automatically, enter the city name.

  4. Configure the network settings.

  5. Select Obtain IP address automatically (DHCP) and use the default settings.

  6. Configure the domain settings.

  7. Select Manage users and permissions directly on this system.

  8. Enter your account information: company name, email address, and password.

    Tip: Password must consist of minimum eight ASCII characters.

  9. Configure the host settings: use existing values or configure manually.

  10. Select Update system after setup and then click CONFIGURE SYSTEM.

    Step Result: Oracle VM VirtualBox restarts and displays the IP address ( to access ownCloud server through a web browser.

  11. Open a web browser and enter the IP address.

  12. To receive the license file, add your email address.

  13. Upload the received license file and complete the activation.

User Account

  1. Navigate to Administration > System and domain settings > Users > ADD and enter new user details.

    Tip: To ensure that users create their own password, choose User has to change password on next login.

  2. Click CREATE USER.

ownCloud Desktop Client Setup

  1. Go to the ownCloud installation page.

  2. Navigate to ownCloud Desktop Clients > ownCloud Linux Client and download the desktop client.

  3. Select an operating system and follow the instructions.

  4. After the installation, open the client.

  5. Enter the ownCloud server address that you received from your administrator.

    Note: Append /owncloud after the server IP address.

  6. Trust the certificate and enter the user account credentials.

  7. Setup and synchronize the local folder with the server.

  8. Click Connect.